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Purchased in January 2024

New Zealand

Sale and Supply of Alcohol Legislation Handbook, 2023
Alastair Sherriff & Katia Fraser
(Wellington : Thomson Reuters, 2023)

Taxation of Trusts
Vicki Ammundsen
(Auckland : CCH New Zealand Ltd, 2023)

Treaty law : Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi in Law and Practice
Kevin Hille, Carwyn Jones & Damen Ward
(Wellington : Thomson Reuters, 2023)


Chitty on Contracts 35th ed.
Andrew Beale (General Editor)
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2023)

Contractual Duties : Performance, Breach, Termination and Remedies 4th ed.
Neil Andrews, Andrew Tettenborn & Graham Virgo
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2023)

Lord Denning : Life, Law and Legacy
James Wilson
(London : Wildy, Simmonds & Hill Publishing, 2023)

Professional Indemnity Insurance Law 3rd ed.
WIB Enright & Robert Merkin
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2024)

Purchased in November and December 2023


Clerk and Lindsell on Torts 24th ed.
Andrew Tettenborn (General editor) and Michael Jones (Consultant editor)
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2023)

Contributory Negligence 2nd ed.
James Goudkamp & Donal Nolan
(Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2023)

Kendall on Expert Determination 5th ed.
Clive Freedman & James Farrell
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2014)

Modern Contract of Guarantee 4th English ed.
Wayne Courtney, John Philips & James O'Donovan
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2020)

Shackleton on the Law and Practice of Meetings 16th ed.
Madeleine Cordes, John Pugh-Smith and Tom Tabori
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2023)

Purchased in September and October 2023

New Zealand

Leading Cases in Song : a Lawyer's Companion
Stephen Todd (Lyricist), Murray Nicol (Illustrator), Pattinson (Arranger of music), Arthur Sullivan 1842-1900
(Wellington : Brookers, 2013)

Tikanga Maori : Living by Maori Values
Hirini Moko Mead
(Wellington : Huia Publishers, 2016)

Todd on Torts 9th ed.
Stephen Todd (General editor)
(Wellington : Thomson Reuters, 2023)

The Trustee's Handbook : Checklists and Precedents for Trustees 6th ed.
Vicki Ammundsen
(Auckland : CCH New Zealand Ltd, 2023)


Abuse of Process 4th ed.
Colin Wells
(Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2023)

Martin's Annual Criminal Code 2024
(Toronto : Thomson Reuters, 2023)

Mason and McCall Smith's Law and Medical Ethics 12th ed.
Anne-Maree Farrell and Edward S Dove
(Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2023)

Shipping Law 8th ed.
Simon Baughen
(Oxon : Routledge, 2023)

Williams, Mortimer and Sunnucks on Executors, Administrators and Probate 22nd ed.
Alexander Learmonth, Charlotte Ford & Jane Evans-Gordon
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2023)

Purchased in August 2023

New Zealand

Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act and Analysis
Iris Reuvecamp
(Wellington : Thomson Reuters, 2023)

Protection of Personal and Property Rights : Act and Analysis 3rd ed.
Iris Reuvecamp
(Wellington : Thomson Reuters, 2023)


Corporations and Associations Law : Principles and Issues 7th ed.
John Gooley, Michael Zammit, Matthew Dicker & David J Russell
(Chatswood, NSW : LexisNexis, 2020)

Duress, Undue Influence and Unconscionable Dealing 4th ed.
Nelson Enonchong
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2023)

Estoppel by Conduct and Election 3rd ed.
Patrick Keane
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2023)

Paget's Law of Banking 16th ed.
John Odgers and Ian Wilson (General editors)
(London : LexisNexis, 2023)

A Practical Approach to Civil Procedure 25th ed.
Stuart Sime
(Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2022)

Preston and Newsom's Restrictive Covenants Affecting Freehold Land 11th ed.
George Newsom and Ewan Paton
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2020)

Ross on Crime 9th ed.
David Ross and Mirko Bagaric
(Pyrmont, NSW : Lawbook Co, 2022)

Shannon Pratt's Valuing a Business : the Analysis and Appraisal of Closely Held Companies 6th ed.
Shannon Pratt
(New York : McGraw-Hill, 2022)

Workplace Investigations : Principles and Practice 2nd ed.
Paula Hoctor and Kerryn Tredwell (Editors)
(NSW : LexisNexis, 2023)

Purchased in July 2023

Tikanga Whakaaro : Key Concepts in Maori Culture
Cleve Barlow
(Docklands, Victoria : Oxford University Press, 2023)


Contract Law in Australia 8th ed.
John Carter
(Haberfield NSW : JW Carter Publishing Pty Ltd, 2023)

De Smith's Judicial Review 9th ed.
Ivan Hare  (Editor) [et al.]
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2023)

Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts : a Modern Approach 15th ed.
James Kessler [et al.]
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2023)

Small Business Valuation Methods : How to Evaluate Small, Privately-owned Businesses
Yannick Coulon
(Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, 2022)

Purchased in June 2023

New Zealand

Electoral Law Aotearoa New Zealand 3rd ed.
Andrew Geddis
(Wellington : LexisNexis, 2023)

The New Zealand Family Court Survival Guide
Katrina Smithson
(Auckland : Bateman, 2021)

Residential Care Subsidies Handbook 2nd ed.
Vicki Ammundsen
(Auckland : CCH New Zealand Ltd, 2023)

Tikanga : an Introduction to Te Ao Maori
Keri Opai
(Auckland : Upstart Press Ltd, 2021)


Advocacy (The Hamlyn Lectures)
Lord David Pannick
(Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2023)

The Insanity Defence : International and Comparative Perspectives
Ronnie Mackay & Warren Brookbanks (Editors)
(Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2022)

The Law of Compulsory Purchase 4th ed.
Richard Honey (General editor)
(London : Bloomsbury Professional, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2022)

Millington and Sutherland Williams on the Proceeds of Crime 6th ed.
Mark Sutherland Williams [et al.]
(Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2023)

Proof : How to Analyse Evidence in Preparation for Trial 4th ed.
Andrew Palmer
(Pyrmont, NSW : Thomson Reuters (Professional) Australia, 2021)

Timing of Guilty Pleas : Lessons from Common Law Jurisdictions
Kevin Kwok-yin Cheng
(Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2023)

Sports Law 4th ed.
David Thorpe [et al.]
(Docklands, Victoria : Oxford University Press Australia & New Zealand, 2022)

Purchased in May 2023

Privacy Law in New Zealand 3rd ed.
Nikki Chamberlain and Stephen Penk (editors)
(Wellington : Thomson Reuters, 2023)

Barnsley's Land Options 7th ed.
Martin Dray [et al.]
(London : Sweet and Maxwell, 2021)

Foreign Judges in the Pacific
Anna Dziedzic
(Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2021)

International Law 9th ed.
Malcolm Shaw
(Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2021)

Making Laws That Work : How Laws Fail and How We Can Do Better
David Goddard
(Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2022)

The Modern Contract of Guarantee 4th English ed.
Wayne Courtney, John Philips & James O'Donovan
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2020)

The Negligence Liability of Public Authorities 2nd ed.
Duncan Firgreave & Dan Squires
(Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2019)

Professional Liability in Australia 4th ed.
Alister Abadee [et al.]
(Sydney : Thomson Reuters, 2023)

Sport : Law and Practice 4th ed.
Adam Lewis & Jonathan Taylor
(London : Bloomsbury Professional, 2021)

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Purchased in April 2023

Insurance Claims in New Zealand 2nd ed.
Paul Michalik and Chris Boys
(Wellington : LexisNexis NZ Ltd, 2023) 

Arnould : Law of Marine Insurance and Average 20th ed.
Jonathan Gilman [et. al.]
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2022) 

Furmston and Tolhurst on Contract Formation : Law and Practice 3rd ed.
GJ Tolhurst and Elisabeth Peden
(Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2023)

Goode and Gullifer on Legal Problems of Credit and Security 7th ed.
Roy Goode and Louise Gullifer
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2023)

Introduction to South Pacific Law 5th ed.
Jennifer Corrin and Vergil Narokobi
(London : Intersentia, 2022) 

The Law of Evidence in Canada 6th ed.
John Sopinka [et. al.]
(Toronto : LexisNexis, 2022) 

The Law of Rescission 3rd ed.
Dominic O'Sullivan, Steven Elliott and Rafal Zakrzewski
(Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2023)

Learning to Litigate : a Guide for Young Lawyers
Neil Williams and Alison Hammond
(Sydney : The Federation Press, 2022) 

Mental Health, Legal Capacity, and Human Rights
Michael Ashley Stein (Editor)
(Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2021) 

Rights, Powers and Remedies in Commercial Law
Ryan Turner
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2021) 

Summerskill on Laytime 7th ed.
Simon Baughen
(London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2022)


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